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Oh what a Night!

I wanted to write my next blog about something interesting and thought provolking BUT its Sunday and I was at a wedding last night so…..all you’re getting just general chat…. (No hangover, feel fine, just not in the right frame of mind to write something too deep, you know the feeling??)

What a lovely night last night! The bride was an old friend from school, (I never know whether to use the term “old friend” or not, it kind of implies we’re old, which we’re not!!) who I havent seen in years, our mums were best friends and we were best friends for a period and lost touch. She was absolutely stunning, she hasnt changed at all since our school days, though she will argue she has! They got married in the Bahamas a few weeks ago and decided to have a reception here too, two parties, why not? Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular and I LOVE the idea, you get to tie the knot, have a honeymoon and your summer holiday all at the same time! Perfect.

The reception was lovely, they pulled out all the stops, my favourite parts though were the photobooth and the frozen shots stall. AMAZING. (little shots of iced strawberry daquiris and Jack Daniels, delicious!)

I wish I took more pictures.

A few friends from school were there too. So nice to catch up with old friends, it was like we all just picked up where we left off after school. It felt so natural to sit and chat to them all, so comfortable to be around people who knew me when I was in primary school. We all went to primary and secondary together. One of the guys there was my primary school boyfriend, the first boy I kissed!! (haha…I dont even think he was my boyfriend, I don’t even think we knew what that was…I fancied him in school. haha!) We were in primary 6 I think, so maybe 11, we went to the park at break with my friend and his friend, who were also going to kiss, and stood there and kissed for about 2 minutes, it was pathetic now when I think about it, haha, but at the time it was a monumental day in my life! When my mum found out this information last night, I had to assure her that I have only kissed 2 boys in my life, one of which I will be getting married to in 6 weeks! Haha.

Do you remember your first kiss??

The mini school reunion was fabulous, such a great feeling to see people I cared about in school, really make something of their lives. All of the people at our table are successful, outgoing individuals who are happy with who they are and how they turned out, Eastbank Academy came good!

Anyway, we had such a great time at the wedding, lovely company, lovely venue, lovely Bride and Groom, just a lovely night! I wish my friend and her new husband all the luck in the world, though they won’t need it I’m sure.I’m so excited now for our wedding…6 weeks!!


So, enough random chat, what are you doing with your sunday? I’ll be mainly being lazy….thats what sundays are for, right?


2 thoughts on “Oh what a Night!

  1. Was a brilliant night and, like u say, felt so natural just chatting away with each other. Got me a bit sentimental! A long time may have passed, many things may have happened to us all, but last night it was just like taking a step back in time – including the over indulgence in alcohol with no hangover the next day! Result! ❤ ❤ ❤

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