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He’s a Shiny!

Today I felt like we won the lottery, we didnt, but we did find Mark’s Olympic 2012 sticker…and it is a SHINY! (Hopefully, you’ll all understand how exciting that moment is when you find a shiny!!) We also need to find his collectors card but still….


There’s only a little over a month til the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games and like I said last week, everything is becoming so real…the past 6 years have led to this. I’m so beyond excited!

I’m also enjoying having Mark home again this week, we’re finalising what we can (paperwork, kilt fittings, etc) before our big day, since its the last time he’ll be home before we get married, in less than 2 months! I feel like I’ve been tweeting LOADS these past few days, check out some of my pics: @cominhomesoon. (moments like these I wish I had an iphone and instagram!!)

Anyway, a little random today but wanted to share my excitement!

Hope you all had a good weekend



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