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If only.

If Only
By Louise McGoldrick

If only I were as good as the greats.
Words sang from the pages,
and crept into your soul in that moment when you needed them most.

If only my words were consumed in a way,
they left a taste in your mouth so sweet it comforted your soul.

If only there was a way to empty the thoughts in my head
and have you understand the content that poured out.
Unfiltered, Messy. Truthful. Raw.

If only there were the words to explain that ache in your heart,
or the love of your life,
or loss to your head.
To describe the indescribable.
That nothingness, that everything,
there are no words for that.

If only there was a way to help carry your load,
lift you up, take your burden, be your strength.
Walk where you walk.
When it is dark, show you the light.
If only I could take your pain and make it my own.
Hold onto you, forever.

If only I knew exactly what to say,
at exactly the right time,
that would make that moment last forever.

If only I could make the impossible possible.
Take your breath away.

If only you let me.



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