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Three Wishes

If you had three wishes, what would they be?
Wealth, Happiness, Power?
Or maybe all 3?
Would you wish for an endless pot of Gold?
Or maybe, just maybe, to never grow old.
I’d wish for my family to always have peace.
To be happy in themselves,
To be ambitious, open minded,
and Free.
An end to world hunger, no war is a must.
Is it possible to do that though, with simply one wish?

I’m not gonna lie,
I’d wish for a couple of quid.
To travel a little, feel daily warmth from the sun.
Eternal youth would be nice too,
things are heading south already and I’m only almost 32!!

I’m being silly,
the problems we could solve are vast.
You can’t wish for more wishes though,
You only have three.
So go on, tell me, what would your three wishes be?



2 thoughts on “Three Wishes

  1. 1) Travel for 2 months
    2) Bin the past forever
    3) To be happy and comfortable not knowing all the answers. It’s too much effort trying to be ‘right’ all the time 🙂

    Of that list – 1 is happening, 2 is very much done & dusted and 3 is coming true, slowly but surely, plus I’m not right (in the head) anyways LOL 🙂

  2. a cure for cancer
    a trip for 6 weeks to Bali for the whole family
    one night out with…………………….Jim K!!!

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