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Today is a tough day.

I hate vague posts, especially on Facebook. So I’ll briefly explain.

We lost our Dad when we were 18. I haven’t blogged about him yet, I will but not today. (He was a character!)

Its his anniversary today, it’s been 13 years.

We have loads of pictures of my Dad, I especially love this one though, he’s just so bloody cool in it! (This is a standard picture of my mum, unfortunately…always with closed eyes…or maybe a few too many vodka’s, eh Jinty!)







5 thoughts on “Today.

  1. how time passes away right Louise? my daughter passed away 10 years ago this summer and i cant believe the times has passed too. its always sad but remember to keep the wonderful memories of him for you to cherish. we dont die, we just move to the next room, you know. i bet he will be looking proud at you soon when you have your unforgettable wedding. he looks like a cool guy on that photo! … 🙂 pauline

  2. Remember the day as if it was only yesterday!
    My thoughts are with you, your mum and Amanda today!
    Big hugs x

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