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Where to start?

Sorry I’ve been gone for what seems like an eternity…I do honestly feel a little lost without my blog and access to the internet. What did people do before the internet and phones? I’m pretty sure that was in my lifetime, I remember not having a computer growing up and I remember not having a mobile phone. Now, without either it makes my life a nightmare, especially in my situation and with our lifestyle. I read an article the other day (on the very rare occasion I had the internet at my mums house, I dont like to go there and sit on the computer the whole time, seems a bit rude…but I so easily could!!!) called “How to Miss a Childhood” by blogger Hands Free Mama, and as I read it I started to wonder if what this mum is doing would work for me. Now, in brief, this blogger is letting go of distractions in this overly connected world and focusing on what is important, her children. As much as I admire this mother, I have to be honest and say, this wouldnt work for me or us as a family. We dont have the luxury of being together as a family all the time, in the summer, as you all probably know, we spend our time apart, its so tough and would be particulary difficult for us without connectivity.

My blackberry broke the other day, just stopped working, and if this has ever happened to you, you’ll know how much of a nightmare it really is. Mark couldnt get a hold of me, its a horrible feeling for him…and me. I’m working on getting a new handset BUT don’t want to take out another contract in the UK, as paying for it when we’re abroad is insane. (I’ve been doing that for 2 years, I hate thinking of the money I’ve wasted…another annoying dilemma when living abroad in winter and in the UK in summer!)

Mark and I are living apart at the moment, right now, he’s in Austria then heads to Denmark. I havent spoken to him properly for a few days. Its difficult, I’m not gonna lie but I know its all going to be worth it at the end of the summer, short term sacrifice for long term goal and all that. He has some games in Edinburgh soon so I’ll see him for sure. Little Miss and I miss him a lot. He was selected as one of the final 14 players before the Olympics, so one more cut down to 12…I’m so proud of him, I could burst sometimes!

As difficult as it is living apart, Little Miss and I are having fun with our friends and family. We’ve had lots of family time, Little Miss has been enjoying getting spoiled by both sets of grandparents, and loving hanging with her cousin who is 10 months older than her. They are having an amazing time, its so lovely to see them playing together. Something I’m really going to miss when we leave again in August.

I’ve been enjoying a little “Me” time with my friends, something I don’t get the chance to do much when we are abroad. (On Sunday I went to see Kevin Bridges, a Glasweigan comedian, who is HILARIOUS!)

As far as the wedding plans are going, I think we have it under control, have a few bits and peices left to do, but right now, I’m not stressing. I have my Hen Weekend this weekend, in Amsterdam (I’m sooooooooo excited to hang out with my friend, 15 of them, some of which I havent seen in a long time. Hopefully nothing too crazy is planned…I’ll post pics and stories when I get back!)

I’m sure there’s a lot more I should be filling you in with but I should get going, we’re off to the beach today…surprisingly, its going to be around 24 degrees in Scotland today, so beach it is with my friend and her doggie…and lots of sunscreen for Little Ginger Miss!

Hope everyone is well and not missing me too much!


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