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I have a Secret

I have a secret,
so important to me.
Sometimes I want to shout it loud,
so everyone can hear,
but I keep my secret quiet.
Just for me.

I have a secret.
It makes me who I am.
I turn to it in time of strife,
when I’m feeling high and low.
It gets me through my struggles, challenges me, keeps me in control.

I have a secret.
I’m sure you have one too.
If we grow in trust together,
I’ll share mine with you.
It’ll help you overcome those problems that you face, its difficult, I know.
First, make a decision to move forward,

Everyone has a secret
Each one different from the next.
Some people run from theirs, ashamed of their past.
Some people learn from theirs.
Life is a lesson, every bump in the road, a test.
Please don’t run away, don’t think you’ve failed.
This journey isn’t over, look inside yourself.
Find strength.

I have a secret,
I have a secret that I’ll share.
I’ll not shout it out, I won’t boast or brag.
If you haven’t guessed by now.
My secret is Belief in myself,
and you have it in you too.



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