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“Sexy and she knows it!”

Little Miss and I were dancing to “LMFAO” this morning. (I know, insert terrible taste in music comments here, Mark was DJ!)
Anyway, Little Miss sings “I’m sexy and I know it” whilst shaking her little tail-feather.

I’m maybe going to shock some people here BUT I always want to be honest so here it is:

I let Little Miss listen to any type of music, Rap, Country, RnB, Rock, Pop, everything, without censoring it. I also let her watch music video’s with sexy dancing in them…then wonder where she gets her awesome dance moves from.
Rihanna? Beyonce? Or are those women not considered sexy dancers because they are popular artists?? Is it only artists like 50 cent, Ludacris and Ice Cube that are considered to be exploiting women when they have women doing sexy dance moves in their videos? (And lyrics to match, I know…)

(She also listens to children’s music and does crazy/silly jumping around dancing too.)

I still feel like “young” parent, I had Little Miss when I was 28, so I still like to listen to the same music I did before I became a mummy. I still love Snoop, Tupac, Eminem and Jay-Z. I will ALWAYS shamelessly bust a move (even when I’m not able to) when I hear “Juvenile – Back that Ass up”, I just can’t help it.

Some of the music I listen to isn’t really made for the ears of children but what do I do about that? Stop listening?
I just can’t….its like telling me not to show my daughter who I really am.

I don’t feel like I’m protecting my daughter from the world by preventing her from watching music videos that are considered unacceptable, or for listening to songs with “bad” words in them. I always tell my daughter that she is beautiful, teach her to be confident and treat other people with respect, in the hope she will carry these things with her into her teenage and adult life.
If Little Miss asks what the words mean, I’ll explain them to her, but until then we’ll continue to play musical statues and have fun dancing to some pretty talented artists who’ve created some of the best beats/lyrics ever made.

What are your thoughts? I really do want to know them…
What music do you listen to, if any, with your kids? Do you pay close attention to the words in songs/images on music videos? Or do you save your own music for the times you are alone? (which for me are non-existent!)

Louise xo

And for those of you who don’t know my Juvenile TUNE…here it is.
Imagine me busting a move! (It’s brutal)


4 thoughts on ““Sexy and she knows it!”

  1. She is too cute! I am the same way- I think we have similar taste in music. I’d much rather explain why certain things are bad than shield them from Henry forever. I try and avoid songs with blatant curse words but I still kind of listen to everything!

    • Thanks Danielle. I just think there are a million and one things we have to worry about as parents, to put what music I listen onto the list just adds unnecessary problems to an already tough job. Plus, my taste is music ROCKS! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. We dance arround the kitchen alot, (Graham included). As I type, Graham is currently dancing with Benny in arms to “you’re the voice” eighties on Magic FM.
    I love Abba, H loves Dub step and Graham likes techno, although we were all dipappointed this morning to hear of the loss of a beastie boy.
    Intergalactic, was a kitchen favourite
    When Hector was small I wouldn’t say we censored music, however I do remember his older cousin playing NWA, and really not really feeling to comfortable with the lyrics Hector was listoning to.
    Hector used to sing gwen stephanies, “this shit is bananas”, I managed to convince him it was “SHIP”. in the lyrics.

  3. Fyi…. I have no kids but I still frequently ‘Back that ass up’ and I honestly don’t see myself stopping when we have kids…lol. And I so agree with you, there seems to be so many things parents worry about that music might not need to be on the top of the list. Again, I don’t have kids so cant really speak on the subject from experience but I see myself not really shying away from the music I enjoy.

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