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Sticks and Stones

“Sticks and Stones will Hurt my Bones but Names will Never Hurt Me”


My wonderful friend, Angie Durborow, a published author and former team manager of my college basketball team, wrote a fantastic poem The Power of Words on You, Me and Charlie yesterday, that got me thinking, do actions speak louder than words or are words enough?

There are a lot of people out there who talk a good game, they say a lot without really saying anything, then there are some people who don’t really say much but you trust them because they come through for you when you need them. People who say things they don’t mean, really bother me.

A lot of people wouldn’t believe me but I find it difficult to express myself when I have to do it to someone in person. I can’t find the words. If its something that means a lot to me, I get overly emotional. I hate confrontation. I try not to DO things to hurt people and try not to SAY things that hurt people, but, I know I have done both and I’m not sure if its words or actions that made it OK…I can say “Sorry” but it doesn’t mean anything if my actions don’t match. Right?

People say things in anger that are often untrue. People lie. Emotions play a huge role in the words that come out but you can’t hide body language, its visible for the world to see.

What do you think, do actions speak louder than words or are the two intertwined? Words have weight but no strength without actions?

Tell me your thoughts?



2 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones

  1. I can completely relate to what you said about finding it difficult to express yourself to someone in person. I always try to refrain from having to do it.
    About your question- I know firsthand that words are misused, hollow sounds that die as soon as they are spoken out loud.
    Only actions can truly communicate the depth of your convictions. Sometimes, you do need words to put across your feelings on some thing or for someone but I believe actions are more meaningful and stay with you much longer than words.

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