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Should I start to PANIC??

There’s 3 and a half months to go until the biggest day of my life. I should be excited right??


I’m starting to feel so anxious.

Not about marrying the man of my dreams, not at all, but I don’t have anything done yet, well, besides the invites being sent out….well, most of them!! (Please read that if you are a friend of ours and haven’t received an invite yet, its not because you’re not invited, its because I’ve not sent all of them out yet!!)
Crazy eh?
I have ALWAYS been the worlds worst procrastinator, really, the worst…when I was in high school/college, I’d leave every assignment til the day before, claiming I work better under pressure. When I’m booking tickets to go anywhere or when I’m meeting someone, I always leave it til the last possible minute, I always get whatever it is done but its ridiculous, I shouldn’t be like this when it comes to my wedding though!!
I still need to order my dress, Little Miss’s dress, Marks suit, the rings, the cake, the flowers, DJ, photographer, buffet, favours….the list is endless!!
I need help, I must be crazy to think all of this is going to fall into place by itself.

Do you all think I’m crazy?
Do you leave things til the last minute? Would you plan a wedding in 3 months?

Does anyone have any good advice for me??? Or am I beyond help?? Haha.

Suggestions please!

Louise xo


15 thoughts on “Should I start to PANIC??

  1. Omg louise I reallty thought that you would be more organised although I must admit I leave everything to the last minute as well.never mind it will all be all right on the day when u can relax and enjoy such a special time with ur family and friends roundabout you xx

    • I’ve seen that show once Caroline…I would NEVER put Mark in charge, he doesnt even know what day we’re getting married, i’ll need to remind him the day before!! xo

  2. You arranged your moving to Glasgow in 7 days! I am sure you will overcome all this stress! 3 months are left and this is enough to organize your wedding. Be confident and don’t loose heart Louise. xx

    • I know Rachida, I’m sure it will be fine…I’ve made a little progress so far so fingers crossed it all falls into place! xo

  3. Wow 3 months. So we pretty much had our weekly planned in 3 months from the time we got engaged, I know its not the same but it can be done. Just relax and check things off 1 at a time otherwise the long list looks too overwhelming. And in all honesty, try not to stress, I know it’s easier said than done but this is one of the best days of your life so try to enjoy the process. And remember, u will most likely be the only one who knows if something went wrong so don’t stress!!!!

    • Nikki, thats so reassuring to know you did the same in 3 months!!
      Everyone keeps reminding me to enjoy the process. I’m trying to and ticking things off is really helping ease my worries.
      Im sure it will be fine…especially since its not a massive wedding. Was yours?? (It will make me feel even better if you managed a big wedding in 3 months! haha)

      Thanks for your advice xo

      • Our wedding was on the larger side..and super formal. That make you feel better? But seriously, as long as you three enjoy it, call it a success.

  4. Just relax and enjoy it but yeah you should probably get some stuff organised lol. It will be fine though, the best wedding I ever went to was completely unorganised, the bridesmaid dresses barely fitted, some people hadn’t showed but in the end the most important thing was just the two of them being together and being married and truthfully it was the sweetest wedding I’ve ever seen. So relax and it will all work out in the end, as long as you are there and he is there the rest is just the trimmings.

    • Yeah, thanks. We arent having a massive wedding so I shouldnt stress too much. Mark keeps telling me not to stress…whilst he doesnt think about the wedding at all, he’s so focused on the Olympics. (which he’s in and finishes 2 days before our big day!) He’ll prob pick his suit the day before!!


  5. Hey, how are you feeling about the wedding stress now? I didn’t enjoy the planning and I’m quite a procrastinator too, but I think you still have enough time to get things sorted. Identify what you need to do (looks like you already know) and break them into more manageable chunks. Is your fiance quite hands on- would he help if you gave him a to-do list?

    I definitely didn’t have everything done 3 months beforehand- I was still doing things the night before- but I did have my dress ordered by that point. You’ve got the invites out (almost) and venue booked so that’s the most important thing. It won’t magically fall into place, but you will get there- don’t worry! Let me know if you have any Qs x x

    • Nicola, THANK YOU for your advice. My other half is training for the Olympics this summer so will be AWOL throughout the whole planning process. I am leaving him in charge of his outfit though, who knows what he will show up in. haha.
      I have my dress and shoes (got them this week…so excited!!)
      Still have a lot to do but feeling better about it all now I am back in the UK for the summer.

      I will be in touch for sure if I have any questions. THANKS

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