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Would you ever….?

Back pack around the world?

Me: Never.

Its my worst nightmare actually. Maybe its because I’m older now, I don’t know, but even when my friends were doing it after university it didn’t appeal to me.
1 bag with everything I’ll need for a year? 6 months? 3 months? 1 bag isn’t big enough for 3 days!!!
Then there’s all the public transport. Planes, trains and automobiles…no thank you.
The only thing that’s appealing to me about backpacking is the adventure and the amazing places you’d see, the freedom to go where you like…

I will be telling my Little Miss to do it, of course I will, I’ll tell her to put her bag on her back and see the world.
(When she’s mature enough!!)
I’d hate for her to just finish school, go to college then get a job, there’s so much diversity in this world, places that without experiencing them would make her life less complete. And I want her to have a full life. (I’ll save this chat for another blog though!)

I can’t imagine staying in youth hostels every night, they have to be better than camping though. I don’t like camping either, I mean, I’ve been before but I hated it. Sleeping outside, not washing, no electricity, no comfortable place to sit, the bugs and the cold, not my cup of tea at all.

Did you go backpacking around the world? Would you do it? Will you tell your children to?
Do you enjoy camping holidays? What is it about camping you enjoy?
What are your thoughts?

Louise xo


5 thoughts on “Would you ever….?

  1. I think you’ve done your own kind of backpacking. You’ve been travelling around with your family and living in different countries, which gives you the time to get to know them. For me that’s more worthwhile than running around to a bunch of hostels, uncomfortable and dirty, but I’m like you. I enjoy a comfortable bed after a long day of exploring, and I like to feel clean and well-rested in order to enjoy the place I’m in. I’ve always been more of an extended stay kind of person with many long-term trips to one specific country or place. Example: Avignon. Who would’ve thought I’d spend almost two years there as a teaching assistant, and wound up leaving with some of the best friends I’ll ever find. It really opened my eyes to other cultures, and made me learn more about myself than I would have if I had stayed in the States. On the other hand, I do like camping. It’s so much fun to be outside sleeping in a tent and having a nearby river put you to sleep, while you’re surrounded by people you care about. I still haven’t crossed the ‘pooping in the woods’ bridge yet…but I’m definitely more comfortable with being in nature without worrying so much about showering and toilets. It’s almost like a return to childhood. You’re not afraid of getting dirty and peeing when you have to (ahem, wherever you want), although I do prefer campsites with those amenities…I’m surprised you didn’t go camping when you were in Avignon? If you have then I’m glad, but it’s worth going and camping in Ardeche, especially with Steph and Nico. They know the best spots. 🙂

  2. Though I’ve traveled a lot I’ve never done the real “backpacking” thing where you leave for 3 months to a year and travel all over, I too prefer to stay in one spot for an extended time. However, I have been to several youth hostels for a few nights here and there, sometimes traveling alone sometimes with a friend or two. Some of the most interesting trips I’ve had have been staying in youth hostels on my own – while yes the accommadations leave a bit to be desired in the privacy/personal space department what’s interesting about them is the people you meet. Everyone there is more or less in the same situation as you – travelling around, maybe alone, looking to meet people and do fun things. While I can’t said I’ve made real “friends” at a youth hostel, I spent some really memorable evenings with some interesting people.

  3. I did the backpacking thing to Australia after I left college. Was bored of education so decided to do a ‘GAP year’ (6 months) doing conservation work out in the bush! 1 bag, 6 months….is it a pickle to know what to pack! But you acquire so much stuff along the way I think I came back with 3 bags.

    It wad the best decision I’ve ever made though and best thing I’ve ever done. Wouldn’t have changed it for the world. I try to encourage everyone to give it a go if you get the chance. You meet so many like minded people and it changes who you are (hopeully for the better)! While I was out there I decided I wanted to go uni, which was another good move, and I started 6 weeks after I go back from oz.

    Luckily I had a base during the first 5 months in 2 places across oz, but did the hostel thing for the last month. It does get a bit tiring sharing rooms with a load of strangers and i don’t think I can even look at a pot noodle ever again, but it’s worth it! And I have done some bad things in the woods….only bears should know of such things.

    Hope you’re having fun back in the mother land 🙂

  4. I did a little back packing, and loved every minute… Would happily do it again, alas defo not Grahams bag and I wouldn’t want to do it alone.
    When we retire, the plan is we have a couple of years in a camper van in Aus. Next best thing to back packing I say!.
    Important, fantastic experiences I value most:
    sleeping rough (through choice)
    hitchiking, (comes with soooo many stories)
    The night train from Brindisi to Naples
    cooking pasta and sauce on a camping stove, on the side of the road at the German/Austrian boarder in late september.
    Arriving in lively central Paris at midnight, (fell in love with Paris the minute I saw it)
    Running out of money in Amsterdam….

    Will be better prepared for Amsterdam this time arround. 🙂

    • Avril, I totally envied your backpacking experiences when I was younger and always loved all the stories! I got older and realized I couldn’t do it myself….I like a comfortable bed too much. NOW…the camper van idea sounds like bliss!!!

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