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“Choose You”

Choose You

Close the door, don’t look back.
Lock up your feelings,
Keep them in tact.
Walk away from the life that you knew,
Take a stand, choose you.
Love stirs inside, it hides so deep, makes you secure, makes you believe.
Without even knowing, I gave you my heart, asked you to hold it, keep it from harm.
You didn’t hold tight, you let it slip, neglected it, dirtied it.
You made me think we were on the same page,
But now I can’t see you, you’re out of my range.
Just a shadow, a memory, a mere reflection in my past.
I let you control me, let myself go.
I recognize now, you weren’t to know.
We’re in different places, there’s no going back.
I had you but chose me.
The key I once kept for you, just in case you came back, got lost in the upheaval.
I’ve moved on.
I’m taking me back.


3 thoughts on ““Choose You”

  1. Thank you for commenting…I forgot about this poem and when came back to read it again I saw your comment. This is still my favourite of everything I’ve written. Glad you enjoyed it!

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