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Guilty Pleasures

I have a few…

Tonight I will be watching the season finale of my favourite TV show, One Tree Hill. I LOVE it, I’ve watched every episode of OTH since it started 9 years ago. At first I justified watching it by saying it was about basketball, but then it wasn’t about basketball anymore, so now I have to be honest and say I watch it because its a brilliant show. There you go, I’ve said it! There isn’t an issue that the writers in OTH haven’t covered, drugs, alcohol, love, abuse, teen pregnancy, marriage, adoption….I could go on. Its like taking Dawson’s Creek, The O.C, My So Called Life, (which I’m writing a blog on now so look out) rolling them into one and making it more amazing. Ok, some of it is a little unrealistic, but its TV, its supposed to be, its not real life!

I’m not going to lie, I’m going to be sad tonight!

My next guilty pleasure is Hart of Dixie. The main character is played by Rachel Bilson. (Summer from The O.C.) She’s a doctor from NYC who moves to a small town to practice. Its total cheese but I love this show too.

I also LOVE Greys Anatomy but I don’t know if that’s a guilty pleasure? Is it? I mean, I also watch House so its kinda the same, right? Haha, ok, maybe not…guilty pleasure number 3!

Do I watch too much TV? Oh dear….

I also just started a show called Army Wives, I’m 8 episodes in and already addicted. (not a cheesy show but just thought I’d tell you anyway!) There aren’t enough hours in the day!

What are your guilty pleasures? Do you watch The Only Way is Essex, that Newcastle one, is it Geordie Shore, Big Brother? Do you enjoy the American shows like America’s Next Model, Glee, American Idol, (which I also LOVE) Jersey Shore? Let me know, I have a night free now since One Tree Hill has finished….or maybe I should find something else to fill my time eh?? Haha


5 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. God my list of guilty pleasures is as long as yours!!!! lol although my fave one has to be the simple life! il still happily watch any re runs! oh and the kardashians!!! lol x

    • Ah, now the simple life is defo a guilty pleasure, you wouldnt just come out and tell people that you liked that…you’d watch it in secret! Or at least I would! haha

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