Me / Our Life Now


One of the blogs I read daily “Sometimes Sweet” is doing a little series called Currently, where she tells us where she is in her head currently. I’ve decided to copy her! Thanks Danielle!

Loving: Our little life right now. (BOAK! Haha!) Its taken a few years to get used to this lifestyle but I think we are finally in a good place. I’m so happy I have an amazing man in my life, a wonderful little daughter, good friends and family around me who are always there if I need them. Cheesiness over!

Thinking about: My friend Alexis who is in Scotland right now visiting my friends. I am so pleased she is having a good time so far, experiencing my wonderful country. She’s been to more places in Scotland in 2 days than I’ve been in YEARS. I really should do something about that! Can I have one more “thinking about”?? Oh, ok then….I’m thinking about the NCAA women’s basketball final last night, wishing I could have been there to see Baylor dominate. I’m totally finding my love for the game again…and loving it!

Anticipating: Our wedding in 4 MONTHS!! I should be in panic mode right about now. I mean, I’m worried, we have a million things left to plan and I have nothing done yet. I’m the super procrastinator!! I’m also totally excited about my Hen weekend (bachelorette party) in AMSTERDAM in May. SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to have all of my girlfriends (well, almost all of them) in the same place for 3 days! 

Listening to: Marc Cohn – Walking in Memphis. Thanks Meg!

Eating: A massive victoria sponge cake that I made last night. It is almost gone. My fiance is a machine! (when eating!!) 

Wishing: I could fast forward a week or so…although I cant tell anyone why right now! Sorry. (keep a look out for something interesting in the next few weeks!) Oh and also wish it wasn’t raining so hard in the South of France right now. We’ve had rain all day!! Just when I was getting excited about summer, this…. oh well, next week its supposed to be better. Doesn’t the sunshine make everything better?

So, how about you guys, whats in your head currently??


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