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Follow your Heart? Follow your Head?

Do you follow your head or follow your heart?

Its a tough one, right?

So many times in my life I’ve been faced with a decision where the risk is so great it would change the outcome of my life.

Five years ago I was faced with a pretty life changing decision. Marks national team were picking up and moving to Amsterdam to play in the Dutch League. What an amazing opportunity, for him, it was a no brainer, the journey to London 2012 was just beginning.
The week the British Volleyball Association made the announcement, I had just interviewed for a job as a Physical Education Assistant at a school I’d been working in for over a year. The chances of me getting the job were quite high. I had a big decision to make. Do I stay in the UK and take the job I’d love OR do I go with Mark to Amsterdam on his journey to the Olympics.
Now, as you know from another blog, “Its been a hell of a ride” I didn’t take the job, I moved to Holland with Mark and we begun our journey.
I followed my heart.
A lot of people thought I was crazy, we didn’t have any money, I wouldn’t have a job, would be leaving my life, once again, in Glasgow…and a million other things people thought were crazy. It didn’t matter, I was choosing my life with Mark. It was a tough tough year, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. One girl, when I returned to the UK in the summer, even asked me if I was “THAT girl” who picked up her life and moved for “A GUY”, I was now “THAT girl”….brilliant!

When I sat down to think about what type of person I am, I figured out I’m a follow my heart type of girl, every time. (Some of you are probably thinking “Well, Duh”)
As the years pass, I think I’ve got better at following my head.
As you get older, there’s more at risk, we have Little Miss to think about now too. The decisions become tougher.

Is it the same for everyone, you follow your heart when you are younger then follow your head as you get older? Or are you just one type of person?

What kind of person are you? Follow your heart or follow your head?


5 thoughts on “Follow your Heart? Follow your Head?

  1. Good for you Louise!!

    I’m a follow your head kind of girl but I think I would be a lot happier if I were a follow your heart kinda girl, who knows what I’ve missed out on by turning down some opportunities…. There is nothing wrong with being “that girl”, look at what you have now.

    Cheers, cool blog by the way! peace out 😉

    • Vicky, thanks for stopping by…as long as you are happy with your choices, I think that’s all that matters! I dont have any regrets. I’m sure you are the same??
      Lou (the Scottish girl) 😉 xo

  2. i was “that girl” too. It was so hard moving away from the home I loved, my family and especially my twin sis… but if you’ve ever seen “Good Will Hunting”– i had to “see about a boy.”

    and i’m glad i did because now, we have a little one on the way ❤

    to a fault, i've always always followed with my heart yet- some decisions i could have made would have been better with the head lol

    ps. in answer to your question, YES! if anything– i miss the friends we were and enough time has passed that maybe you could make that bridge work. If not, at the very least a nice closure. xoxoxo! let me know, yeah?

    • Thanks Micaela…I love that I went to “see about a boy” best choice I have made yet. I’m so thankful for my little girl now too. (looking forward to seeing what little miracle you will bring into this crazy world!

      I’ll let you know how I get on when I add Mr from my past…

      Hope you are feeling better today….having the cold when you are pregnant sucks!


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