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Can’t Speak French…

…so I let the funky music to the talking!! Haha.

Yesterday I had an A’HA moment, I realized whilst sitting with my team mates after my basketball match, (which we won!) that I understand more French now AND I’m not so shy and embarrassed to try and speak to my friends. I mean, this is probably quite a bold statement, I’m sure my friends are pretty forgiving of my chicken french BUT I know I understand stuff!! That’s exciting for me as I haven’t taken any classes or anything…I’ve just listened and picked it up, immersed myself if you like (apparently thats the best way to learn?) …its only taken me a year and a half!

I wasn’t particularly good at languages in school so as an adult its even tougher for me. I’m now motivated to learn more, so when little miss starts school after the summer (I KNOW!!!! THEY GROW UP SO FAST!!) I’m thinking I’d like to take a French class.

So, when you go on holiday or move abroad, do you pick up the language quickly, do you try and speak the language apologetically, or do you just speak English? How do people react when you try to fit in?
I’m interested, most people I’ve come into contact with, albeit most of them know my situation, are very forgiving of my mistakes and appreciative that I’m trying.


2 thoughts on “Can’t Speak French…

    • Yeah, I can speak some French. Don’t ask me to write it though, besides the basics, that would be almost impossible!!


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