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Ode to my Buzz

Ode to my lovely best friend.

You’re a little crazy, a little hazy, a lot of funny and a lot of lady.
You found your other half, who makes you whole again,
the male version of me?
My BFF4E-V-A. 😉
Friends through our youth, we’ve grown up together.
Become women together. Shared our lives together.
Struggled at each others side, drifted at times but never that far.
I’m so happy we’ve made it through these years, Miss Scally.
You’re home.
My comfort. My sounding board. My reality check.
My Right when I’m Wrong.
No-one will replace you. You’re in my heart forever.
I don’t know who I’d be, without you making me, me.

P.S. I tied my laces really tight! 😉


My Wish


3 thoughts on “Ode to my Buzz

  1. My dude, this has made me laugh, cry and smile all at once. Im so glad we have shared our lives, and im so happy we will continue to do so. I love you to infinity and beyond! x

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