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Remember when…

This post may not mean a lot to some of you but it will mean a lot to others.

These are some of my memories of growing up in Glasgow and how times have changed.

People said the phrase “No danger”. (It meant “No way” when you were surprised about something)
Taz bars/freddos were 10p.
A 10p mixture had good sweets in it…an it was only 10p.
Hubba Bubba.
Nerds sweets. (Amazing!!)
Jolly Ranchers.
Gingy bottles were only 10p when you took them back.
We drank Hooch and thought we were cool. (or Merrydown Cider!)
We watched the Inspector Gadget cartoon.
Thought we were cool when we got to stay up late for Prisoner Cell Block H.
Wore Shelley Boots.
Marble Bars.
Moashy in he street. (the coin game)
“Iggy Bul” “Dingybul” were freely used expressions. (again, we used these terms instead of “yeah right”)
Calling someone a “Do”. (derogatory term used to offend someone)
“Bolt ya rocket”. (means, go away)
A roll and chips was 40p.
A roll and fritter was 20p.
We loved Double dips, Frys Creams, Refreshers.
Qwenchy Cups. (plastic cup of sugary goodness)
Jubilees. (frozen plastic cup of sugary goodness)
Ice polls. (long plastic tube of icy sugary goodness)
Reebok pumps werent retro, they were just amazing trainers.
Curly wurlys were massive.
Benneton, Naf naf, Sweater Shop and Paco were all jumpers we wore daily.
Global hypercolour.
Shell suits were acceptable. Especially when going on holiday, with the mandatory scrunchy bobble. (hair tie)
Everyone watched Neighbours on BBC1 and Home and Away on ITV, straight after school.
Saturday nights were spent watching The Generation Game or Blind Date. (Was Catch Phrase on on a Saturday night?)
We only had 4 channels on “cooncil” tv.
We played Kirby in the street.
Boys wore Nicholson Jackets.
Berghaus wasn’t worn as an outdoor hiking jacket, it was just a jacket.
People wore Grolsch tops on their trainers.
Putting an empty qwenchy cup on your bike wheel, to make it sound like a motorbike.
We played Red rover and British bulldog in the playground. Sometimes, “kiss, cuddle, torture”.
Push pops. Never Ending Gobstoppers.
Twist and Squeeze (more sugary goodness!)
We had BMX the first time round.
We played shops in the park with dirt and leaves.
Catching bees in empty jam jars.

These are some of my memories, what memories of your childhood to do have that have changed? I’m sure there are some great stories. Lets hear them!


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