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To Louise…From Louise

Dear Louise,

I’m 31 now, I didn’t think when I was your age that I’d ever be 21 never mind 31. I’m supposed to have stuff figured out by now but I don’t, so don’t worry too much that you don’t know what you want to be when you’re older, you’re smart and you’ll figure it out…eventually. Its taken me quite some years to be comfortable with this.

Don’t let people think you’re just a sports person, you’re more…and when you get to my age and you’re not identified as the basketball girl, you’ll have to have something to fall back on. So stick in at school, make time for your studies. When you are in college and can’t be bothered handing in that paper or going to class because you are tired, remember that your basketball career will end one day, everyone’s does. You will find a career path that will fulfill you as much as basketball does.

There’s a whole world out there to explore. There’s no hurry to do everything so fast though, from time to time just stop and take it all in. I was just trying so hard to achieve everything, I didn’t stop and thank the people along the way for their love and support. No-one achieves things in life alone. Without these amazing people who came into my life, I wouldn’t be me, they shaped me.

Some people’s advice I didn’t take, I thought I knew better than them and ignored it, I learned eventually that I don’t always know whats best. So, listen a little more. You’re young and you will make mistakes (Gosh, will you make mistakes!?!) but these mistakes will teach you and make you stronger.

You’ll lose people along the way.
Some will come back into your life at periods and some won’t. Try and keep the ones you want in your life close. Don’t LET them drift away. SAY SORRY when you are wrong. You’re hard headed and stubborn and that’s a good thing sometimes…but sometimes, you need to make the first move, if its worth it, because there are times that you won’t get a second chance, those times you will regret forever.

Open your eyes a little more when you spend time with your sister, she matters too and wants to know you care. She’ll be someone who’s there for you through thick and thin, make sure she knows she’s not alone and she can turn to you in times of struggle too.
Mum is too much at times, I know, she’s illogical, BUT she only ever wants to do the best by you, so don’t take advantage. She’s the same now, some things don’t ever change.

Most importantly, respect yourself more. The boys in college you meet, who you think are the ones to be seen with, they’re not. They don’t respect you and never will, they’ll let you down and break you in more ways than you think possible. Try and make good choices. You’ll meet a man eventually who will exceed all your expectations…and you’ll realize quickly that those boys were exactly that, boys.

You’ll have an amazing life.
I’m so lucky. Its been a hell of a ride so far. I loved, lived and learned….and have a whole lot more of it all yet to do.

Louise xo


18 thoughts on “To Louise…From Louise

    • Justyna, thanks. Its difficult sometimes to look back and decide if you would change things, isn’t it?
      I’m glad you enjoyed reading this one. I enjoyed writing it.

      Louise xo

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    • Micaela!!! (or Mickey?? haha) I loved this! Especially the part about the first guy being training wheels.
      I forgot you were a twin too, isn’t it amazing!?!
      Excellent post, I’m also gonna check out Red Boots blog now. Thanks!

      Louise xo

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