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“My Meeting with Success”

“My Meeting with Success”

This meeting is important. I should focus.
So many thoughts running around my head. Focus.
When did I become something I’m not?
Do I deserve to be here?
I sit here with guilt by my side.
I’m still your boy. I worked hard.
Do my friends still see me? I’m still the same boy. Just me. We can still laugh together. Remember that time…
Do you see ME?
I didn’t get here on my own. I’m sure I didn’t leave people behind, forget their help along the way. Panic. Sweat. Did I?
Let’s make a deal?
Guilt, you can have it for free.
In return, see me. Accept me. Free me.
That’s a fair trade, right?
They’re gonna find me out any day now.
I walk away. I got what I wanted, right?
I look back, who’s following me?
Ah, my good friend, Guilt. And Success.
We’ll meet again tomorrow.

Just something I wrote. Hope you enjoy.


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