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Showing my Heart

So I wasn’t asked to do this but when I found this blog I had to do this for myself. The series is great.

Show your heart in a picture, poem, song, quote, item of clothing and a place.

Here’s my heart…

…in a Picture

This picture is of my mum, my sister and I. I think we were about 3 at the time. I love this picture, reminds me how much I love our little family.

…in a Poem.

This poem was given to me by my friend and mentor, Jim Lay, when my dad passed away when I was 18. Jim passed away a few months ago, I miss him every day but he is with me always. I also love this poem because it speaks about loss but also of Hope. People in your life who are special will be with you forever.

…in a Song.

Any city and colour song but sleeping sickness has to be my favourite.

…in a Quote

…in an Item of Clothing.

Jeans. I live in them.

…in a Place.

I mean, living here has been difficult at times, its a small city and I have nothing much to do here except being a mummy (which I love) BUT its here that we have made the best memories. We’ve had all our family and friends come to visit, I’ve met some amazing friends I will have forever. We’ve grown into a little family here.


3 thoughts on “Showing my Heart

  1. louise, what a good heart! family photos are my favorite. You know i come from a small town, and any time i go home to visit– i swear i can breath easier.

    ps. my song by Coldplay was our wedding one. It’s called “Kingdom Come” and it’s a hidden track on their X&Y album. Coldplay–their words are my heart. Lyrics hold so much weight.

    i’m so happy to meet you!

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