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(Almost) Married to a “Volley” Baller


About 3 months ago I started reading blogs…as I explained in my first post, all of this blogging stuff is pretty new to me. I’m still finding my feet with my own blog, finding my voice if you like. Anyway, I found this amazing blog by a woman called Erin Crispin. She’s an American woman who’s married to a professional basketball player who plays in Europe. Her story is a pretty amazing one and although our partners play different sports, our stories are a lot the same. She does an amazing series called Basket Wives, about all the women she knows who are in the same position as she is. (and again, all the stories are a lot the same!)

Every time I read another of her posts in this series, I wonder if there are any other women in the same position as me. Women who live in the volleyball world who have struggled with the same things I have struggled with. The GB Volleball program is very new, only 5 years old but I’m sure there are other women from Europe or the US that have been doing this a long time. Volley Wives? Doesn’t sound as cool, does it? For those of you who want a little glimpse of my life as a volleyball partner, soon to be wife, have a read at some of these women’s stories and you will find out.



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