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“The Perfect Day”

I went back to the UK this week for a wedding, one of my best friends was getting married. I love my friend dearly, we have such a superb relationship, the kind of friendship that will survive anything, without any doubt. We’ve known each other since we were 11.

Anyway, he lives in Dubai so when he told me he was getting married, my first question was “where??”. Hoping he was going to say the UK, (a trip to Dubai, as much as I’d love it, would have been almost impossible for me.) he told me Scotland and I was delighted, I’d be there. The wedding would be in 3 months! Wow. They had it all booked, they just kept it quiet from everyone. What a fab idea! No-one even knew they were engaged!

Fast forward to this week. Myself and another friend from school decided to go together, we would go to the “get to know each other” dinner on the Friday then the wedding on the Saturday. Now, I had no idea what to expect upon arrival but knowing my friend, I knew it would be spectacular. We drove up, late, after getting lost trying to find the country estate, and entered into another world…walking around this 18th Century Georgian Mansion was like being in a Jane Austen novel, it was lavish and opulent and all the other words you can think of to describe a country estate of that period.

Everyone was getting to know each other, talking, eating and drinking. (all free alcohol, provided by the bride and groom) A lot of people had traveled from Dubai for the wedding and were staying in lodges on the estate so it was a nice idea to get people out and socializing the night before their big day. It was a lovely night. I hadn’t seen my friend in months so it was good to catch up, he was pretty excited…a little nervous too I think.

Driving home that night, I had a million thoughts running through my mind. What was the wedding day going to be like if the night before was so lavish!?

The Wedding Day was here, I was excited to see my friend get married to the girl he loves. Weddings are always nice to be invited to and the fact it was an intimate wedding of around 60 people made it more special, that he asked me to share his day with him and his soon to be wife.

In the daylight, the country estate was so much bigger than we had seen the night before. There were acres of grass, trees, ponds, little streams, gorgeous scenery as far as the eye could see. For a couple who live in Dubai, it was easy to see why they chose this place. It was amazing.

I won’t go into detail about the actual day but needless to say, it was just gorgeous and the bride was breathtaking. My friend didn’t look too bad either, in his full Scottish royal blue kilt.

I had a wonderful day and night, enjoyed meeting new people, drinking, eating, dancing, chatting to my friend….I left feeling absolutely exhausted but so happy I could be there. It was a fairytale day that they will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. It was so important for my friend to have all his close friends and family there at his expense…I’m so happy their dream wedding was achieved.

Now, our wedding in 5 few months will be the polar opposite of my friends. Its so funny to me that 2 people can be such good friends but their idea of the perfect day, so different. I know most guys don’t normally decide much when it comes to weddings, but I know my friend would have had some input.

Mark always asks me if I want a big wedding day, he is worried that I’ll regret not doing it “right”, I know I won’t, I can honestly say I’m happy with how we’re choosing to do things. I read a wedding blog everyday (“Rock’n’Roll Bride”) and she always tells her readers to “plan their day, their way”. So many people are now choosing to do things a little differently, whether its due to financial restraints or just to have a wedding that reflects them. Whatever the reason, they’re changing the traditional wedding format. Anything is possible now. You can have your day as big as you want or as small as you want and no-one judges you. I know my friend’s new wife had the perfect day and they did it their way. (The cheese wedding cake was genius! Bottom tier was cheddar, then Brie, then blue cheese I think, then the top tier was another cheese, amazing! The sweet shop was also brilliant!)

When I was home I checked out our venue, organized and sent out some invites (which are fabulous!!) and sorted out some other wedding stuff. Our wedding day is coming together and will be here before I know it. Some of my family are probably trying to get their head around our wedding format, its not traditional, just perfect for us.

I can’t say right now I’ve had my dream day, its not happened yet but I can say I’m excited about it…and that’s all any girl wants, right?

What about those of you who are already married, was it a perfect day or would you do anything differently? Any regrets? Those of you planning, are you doing it your way? I hope so, after all it is your day!

I wish my friend and his new wife all the happiness in the world, I wouldn’t have missed your wedding day for anything.

It was more than worth the trip home, thank you!


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