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My Body, My Canvas!

Some of you might not know this but I have tattoos. Quite a few of them. I love them. All of them have very personal meaning to me and all of them a story. (Even the one that I’ve had changed to something else!)

I’m often asked what I’m gonna do when I’m old and wrinkly? What I’m gonna think of them? To be honest, I’ll love them as much as I do now, they are a part of me and I have amazing memories attached to them. Its so exciting for me to think of more ideas for tattoo’s and when and who I’m going to get them with. What new memories I’m going to create.

I got my first tattoo aged 16, me and my friend Dee wanted one for ages, one day we skipped school and headed to a tattoo place we had heard about from our Maths teacher, Mr Donachy. (of all people, eh?) We got the bus to Govan and the place was closed. Determined to get a tattoo that day, we headed back to town to a place in the Barras (a market area in Glasgow) we knew would be open, its kind of a shady place but we were under age and we knew no-one would question us there. I got some Japanese writing that said “Danger” (for years after, I told people it meant “Brave” because I realized how silly “Danger” actually was.) I loved it because it was my first tattoo but when I started to love tattoos I decided to have it re-worked into something else. About 4 years ago I had it changed into a celtic style butterfly, the symbol is still there, I can still see it, its just part of something more beautiful now.
A few of my tattoos I had done with my sister and best friends, these ones are my favourites. I had one done with my team mate/room mate in the USA when I was at college. I have memorial tattoos and I have a lot of butterflies. All of them have amazing stories and memories for me, some better art work than others but all of them special.
Most of my tattoos aren’t too visible, I like that I can wear regular clothes and no-one would know I have tattoos. I’m not heavily tattooed, I don’t know if I could ever have so many that I couldn’t cover them if I needed to. Obviously, put me in a bikini and they are all on show. Either doesn’t bother me though.
Society is more accepting of tattoos, I think something like 1 in 5 people in the UK have a tattoo now, but I still think people negatively stereotype the heavily tattooed. People think they’re into heavy metal, drinking, trouble makers, etc. I think it is especially difficult for women with tattoos, they are treated a little differently from men, especially heavily tattooed women. I think some of the acceptance comes from the fact that more and more celebrities are getting tattoos. David Beckham and Rihanna are two examples that come to mind when I think of people in the public eye with tattoos.

I can’t say I have experienced much of this discrimination or stereotypes first hand, I haven’t been in a situation where someone has judged me for my tattoos, if they were, I didn’t notice. (And I find that hard to believe, I notice everything!) Maybe because my tattoos aren’t so visible? I don’t know. One of my friends once told me she wouldn’t get a tattoo even though she really wanted one, because it would make people in her work treat her differently, like she wasn’t as respectable, as intelligent, as professional, and as much as I understand this point of view, (some people try to bring successful, intelligent people down because they feel inferior themselves) I can’t say I’d let them influence my decisions in life. If what you see in front of you isn’t what you are looking for, or if you don’t like it, then we don’t fit anyway. I’m going to be me, whether you like it or not. (A blog I read recently sums this up perfectly: Why yes, I will put a bumper sticker on this Ferrari”)
Some of my friends have a tattoo or a few, some have none. Some think I’m “badass” cos I have them, some think I’m silly, but they all still love me because at the end of the day, I’m still the same person…and I’m not pushing them to go and do the same to their body. Its their choice.
Some people ask me if I’d let my daughter get a tattoo when she is older. Well, why not? Her mum and dad both have them. If she wants one, of course. I hope to raise a strong, confident, self assured young woman who will succeed at whatever she wants in life…with or without a tattoo. Get ready world! Haha.

At the moment I’m putting together images for a half sleeve, I’ve got 3 tattoos on my upper arm now, I just need something to tie it all together. I’m hoping the amazing artists at Timeless Tattoo in Glasgow will help with this. (Even though I’m not sure when I’ll get around to it since I’ve got a wedding to pay for in August!)

I love my tattoos, all of them. They make me me!


2 thoughts on “My Body, My Canvas!

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  2. I’ve been wanting to get tattooed for about the last few years- but have been warned not to by college tutors and family members- I work as a beauty theapist and I’ve been told it could affect my customer base as it would put people off me doing beauty treatments if I had a tat. Personaly i think a lot of negativaty stems from what we get taughts exceptable from school age. I feel many schools that get taught individality is wrong- I think this because, we get put into little uniforms and get taught by teachers who are also being told how to dress etc- I remember geting told off for having studs in your ears or nail varnish or make-up on, or any thing that wasn’t regamented by the schools uniform- if we know and except that everbody different and unique then surely school (that is compulsaly to mostly everyone) should help embrace that fact!?- instead of uniforms why not have a dress code?- of just clean and comfatable. sure if you want to join an army or a team- dress in uniform to stand as one- but should we really squash the indivdualty out of everyone? many school teachers arnt allowed to show tattoos because heven forbid a proffessional working person could get tattooed and be sucessful- its just the wrong message we send out compleatly. I’ve even heard of one primary school where the teachers weren’t alowed to have different coulors in their hair… Sure- we get told ‘its ok to be different’, but actions speak louder than words. …I will be getting my tattoo soon!

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