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Leaving my sidekick behind…

I’m dreading this. I know I should be happy and excited but I’m already feeling a bit lost and I haven’t even left yet. Next week I leave my daughter behind with Mark and head back to the UK for a week without her. This will be the longest we’ve been apart. Ever.
Since Mark has a crazy work schedule I have enlisted the help of my friend to look after little miss when Mark is at his away match. Two of my other friends have also offered to keep little miss entertained. I’m blown away by their kindness to help out. Seriously.
I’m not a clingy parent AT ALL. I know my daughter needs connection with other people (when we are home she normally spends the majority of time with grandparents, I’m very lucky they are happy to be so involved) and I’m more than happy to get some time out from being mummy, but there is something about leaving for days, going away, across the ocean, where I cannot get to her if she needs me. Its such an uneasy feeling.
Then there’s the guilt. She’s my daughter, what right do I have to leave my responsibilities to someone else, burden them? Now, my daughter is a sheer delight (haha, not bias at all) so I know she won’t be a major problem but I still can’t shake the guilt. Is that normal too?
Hopefully I will enjoy my time at home, I’m going to one of my best friends wedding. I’m also going to do some wedding stuff for my wedding so fun will be had, I don’t doubt that, but I am gonna struggle I think. I’m gonna need all my friends around to comfort me and keep my mind off the guilt, you think you’re up for the task guys??

Will let you know I’m sure.


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