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I’m deciding today if I want to do Lent this year. If I’m being honest, I haven’t ever succeeded in Lent, mainly because I don’t really know the purpose of it. I understand that its the 40 days before Easter and Christians have to think about all the wrong they’ve done and reflect by giving up something they love. (Correct me if I’m way off here!)  I’ve always set out to give up something but always caved because there was no consequence for my failure.

Most of my friends, religious or not, start Lent, some succeed, some don’t. I’m trying now to remember if the ones who succeed are the ones who are religious or not, maybe some of you can help me with this one? Everyone I know had pancakes yesterday, I mean, everyone. Surely if you have one you’ve got to have the other, right? Haha.

Anyway, I’m not overly religious, I don’t go to church, I’m not a strict catholic, I don’t have any real connection to any food or habit in my life that I would miss terribly, so therefore, I have no reason to do Lent….other than the idea that I would be testing my self control. Is that a good enough reason to take part in Lent? Do people out there, in today’s society, who take part in it really know what they are fasting or abstaining for OR is it just a test of your self control?? Something they say they’ll do cos its what comes after pancake day?

I’m thinking beer, cheese, bread, wine….but I have a feeling I might not make it. My snack today…a lovely chunk of Camembert with a nice warm baguette! When in France…. FAIL!

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8 thoughts on “Lent??

  1. Hmmm, I guess from a canine POV I think you humans should give up thinks like steaks, cheese, bacon for Lent…and give them to us canines. Wow, forty days of getting fat. We don’t suffer under the same constraints – we know God loves us or he wouldn’t have put us here.

    • Katie, I love you for being the person in my life who challenges me to be better…I heart you more. Let me know what you figure out x

  2. I Think I’m gunna do it for the first time this year, but I’m in the same boat! Not religious at all, so was thinking whats the point, but I think I will anyway, just to test my self control!! Not giving up beer or wine though, it’s lent, not prison :P!!

  3. “The very best things come out of sacrifice.” – http://www.relevantmagazine.com/god/deeper-walk/features/28361-why-practicing-lent-is-crazy

    I support you in your quest to test your self-control if that is all that comes out of Lent2012 (I think you should do a complete blog series on the journey). But you know me Weezie, I say go the extra mile. Take the time in those moments of great weakness to go deep in that struggle and grow. – “A key ingredient of sacrifice is when it becomes so difficult it drives you to faith.”

    Not going to church and not being a strict Catholic does not define you or your relationship with faith. So go out and make the next 40 days your own! I’m excited for what this could look like!

    Too preachy?

    • Katie, nothing is ever too preachy coming from you, I know its coming from a place of love. I read the article, loved the perspective. One thing I was interested in though was your comment “Take the time in those moments of great weakness to go deep in that struggle and grow.” Deep in my struggle? I’ve to take the 40 days to give up something (like coffee, wine, cheese) and when I crave that thing, spend time looking into my struggle with my faith? I kinda feel like these 40 days would be no different from my regular day to day. There are various things I see/do on a daily basis that force me to think about faith. So, for me, nothing changes. Does that make sense AT ALL?

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