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Sharing my thoughts with my world??

So today, I debated in my mind whether I wanted to share my blog with Facebook. Its such a weird feeling, putting your thoughts, feelings, life, into words for other people to read, judge. Its so personal. I think it’s different when its strangers, you’re anonymous so it doesn’t really matter, right? (I don’t mind twitter as I don’t have many followers.) I also don’t mind my close friends reading it, I said in my post from a few days ago, (Does my blog substitute real relationships?) my friends know me, but for people I only talk to on occasion, who don’t know I have a blog, don’t really know what’s going on in my life, or really even know me…do I want those people to know my thoughts? Does everyone who blogs experience this kind of fear?
Today I had a Facebook ‘friend’ cull. I think I deleted about 100 people. I now have 370 something friends. Maybe I’ll lose some more after this post is linked to my Facebook page. (Oh dear! Seriously.)
I deleted a lot of people who I haven’t spoken to in years or didn’t really know that well to begin with. I do this sometimes, people add me, as they probably do with everyone, because they want to find out what happened to you since school, etc, I’ve done it myself in the past. I don’t really have a problem not accepting people as ‘friends’ now but unfriending someone who I’d accepted maybe months or years before then ‘unfriending’ them feels so wrong. I don’t know what it is, they didn’t do anything to me, they were just trying to reconnect, they just wanted to see how things were with me….nothing wrong with that but I don’t really need them to know what’s going on in my life everyday. They’re not friends. I’ve had people on my friends list on Facebook walk past me in the street.

So apparently in my mind there are two specific groups of people I don’t mind reading my thoughts and ramblings, my friends and people I don’t know at all.

For those of you who don’t know me at all, I hope you are enjoying my ramblings, for those of you who know me well, this is just me talking more rubbish as per usual…and for those of you who just know me a little bit or haven’t spoken to me in years, I hope you are well, not judging me or offended too much for my ramblings in this post! I haven’t changed too much over the years, you’ll hopefully find out if you continue to read any of this. Haha.
(P.S….send me a message sometime, it’d be nice to catch up!)

Tonight I’m connecting with Facebook, I’m nervous! Is that weird?

Here goes……..


5 thoughts on “Sharing my thoughts with my world??

  1. Don’t be nervous Louise. Sometimes I find it easier to connect via a blog vs facebook. A huge ocean separates us but your blog (which I just found) helps me feel more connected to you! Keep blogging away. Ps. I still have dreams of visiting u wherever u are over yonder someday! Might be when we r old n gray!

    • BROOKE!!! I am so pleased you have commented! One day, hopefully soon, I’m gonna get back to my to my wonderful Iowa, so don’t worry about us next meeting when we are old and grey! I cant wait to meet those wonderful little angels of yours….such blessings that you are also having MORE! Yey! Distance might separate us but we still have our memories! Kisses to you over there, from me over here! x

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