Our Life Now


So, good news is my team won our match yesterday BUT I am not so happy. Bad news is I have a broken finger! As soon as it happened I knew instantly that it was broken. 2 years ago when we were in Belgium, the same thing happened on my other hand. A trip to the hand clinic last night and again this morning has been eventful with my complete lack of French BUT everyone was so helpful…well, almost everyone.

My team mate came to the hospital after she left the sports hall, which she didn’t need to do, I was so surprised and delighted. Then the doctor spoke to me in English. Today at the clinic, the physiotherapist learned that I was Scottish and we had a lovely chat about his trip to Glasgow, Edinburgh and St Andrews. THEN gave me my treatment for FREE!! What a lovely thing to do. (We did have to pay the previous doctor for our consultation, which for someone who comes from a country with a free healthcare system, was shockingly expensive!) Its the small things today that I am thankful for!

I haven’t to move my finger for 8 weeks. Its going to an interesting time. No basketball, no water on my hands. Keeping my finger in a plastic cast.

On the plus side, I’m booking my flight home to the UK tonight for my friends wedding. That’s something to look forward to at least. I’ve also been chatting to my friends about my hen weekend in Amsterdam, finishing our wedding invites AND looking for my dress. So very exciting.

I also ate my body weight in cheese at my friends raclette party last night.

More wedding chat to come soon.


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