In the beginning

Its been a hell of a ride

To Mark, Our Love Haiku

6 years together

After 3 years and 6 months,

We will tie the knot.

So, we’ve been together for 6 years, engaged for 3 of those and in exactly 6 months I will marry the man of my dreams.

SOPPY?? ….. Sorry guys! 

The planning has begun, 6 month countdown starts now! Mark and I are having a tiny little wedding, just close friends and immediate family, and a MASSIVE party afterwards. We’re getting married in Glasgow which is so important to me….we’re having our party right in the heart of the city….we’re inviting everyone who is/has been a part of out lives. What more could a girl ask for?

My friends keep on giving me into trouble for calling our wedding a party…(we’re the opposite of Monica and Chandler in Friends) but I cant help it. For me, it really is just a big celebration of our relationship and the journey we’ve been on together.

A bit of history to wouldn’t go a miss here I think. So, Mark and I got together before he became of pro volleyball player. We were just two normal people, (some people would disagree) living our lives, working our regular jobs as sports coaches. When London won the Olympic Bid everything changed. Mark was selected for the GB national team that would be formed to participate in the games in 2012 if they could solidify a program to justify continued funding and compete with the top teams in the world. They had 5 years to prepare. (The GB team have achieved this and more over the past 5 years!)

We decided, in the very beginning, that whatever it took, we would do it together and we would get Mark to the Olympics with the GB team in 2012. Now, when we agreed to do all of this together, I don’t think we were quite ready for the journey ahead. Its been a tough, TOUGH, 5 years. There have been moments when we’ve wanted to quit, give up and move back to the UK and get “normal” jobs again, times when we’ve been apart for weeks/months on end, Mark missing birthdays together, Christmas holidays together, the possibility of missing our child being born (fortunately my body held out and our daughter was overdue) missing family holidays…the list is endless….but we didn’t give up, we managed to struggle through, we took the road less traveled and we are 6 months away from the most amazing event of Marks professional career. The Olympics 2012. Final selection for the Olympic squad will be Friday 29th June 2012. (so, fingers, toes, everything crossed!) It will all have been worth it to see him standing on the court singing the national anthem at the Olympics, its every athletes dream, right?

One week after that Mark and I will celebrate the most important day of our personal lives, (besides the birth of our daughter) our wedding day. Our party is a celebration, not only of our love, but of the journey we made it through together. Its perfect timing.

What happens next, after the Olympics, after we’re married? I’m not sure, our lives change a little I guess.

Hopefully I’ll have summer holidays to look forward to with my husband…who knows!?

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8 thoughts on “Its been a hell of a ride

  1. Wow louise! First of all, I didn’t even know you 2 are getting married, so congrats!
    This story gives me goosebumps (chickenskin) and realise what you’ve been trough all this years. I’ve had just 1 season so far where I couldn’t see my girl every day. Must have been hard! Specially with little Maya growing up you still won’t give up and manage it very well together. It’s the magic word for any relationship (together) but I have great respect for both of you! I’ll keep everything crossed if it helps Mark and his mates to let their dream come true.

    All the luck and joy for this interesting part of the journey and I hope the celebration of your love will be perfect!
    Say hi to mark and give him a big kiss on his guns! (they still growing?)

    Lots of love, also from my biggest support Laure


    • Thijs, thank you for your comment. I am so excited we will be married in the summer, we have waited a long time to do it. This volleyball life doesn’t work for everyone and some of the strongest relationships still suffer and sometimes don’t make it. Mark sends his love and kisses to your guns too (he thinks his are still growing but we all know the truth about that! Haha!) I hope you are enjoying your season with Zwolle, keep in touch. Love to you and Laure xx

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