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Does my blog substitute real relationships?

I started this blog a few days ago and its already got me thinking about how this blogging world works. Over the past few days I think I’ve spent the majority of my days online reading blogs, writing my own blog or thinking of ideas for my next blog. Is that how its supposed to work? How much time are people investing in blogging?

I have a few amazing friends here in France and a wonderful, strong group of friends at home in Glasgow. The friends I have here in France are fantastic people and although I’ve only known them a short time, our time together has been intense, we are in the same position as expats and we share a lot in common. When Mark and I embarked on this life I wasn’t sure if I would make any friends wherever we went. Over the years I’ve come to terms with the idea that sometimes I can’t have everything I want, we’re sacrificing the small stuff for the bigger goal. Fortunately, here in France friendships aren’t something I’ve had to sacrifice.
I’m a very social person, I enjoy human interaction, adult conversation, I’m ok in my own company too but given the choice I’d choose company. When I’m by myself, I still need connection, mainly the internet.
I think that’s why I’m drawn to this blog so much now. People use blogging as an outlet, somewhere to share, put down their thoughts, get them out of their head. Something that previously I’ve done with my friends at home. I can talk to my friends here but its different. We’re close but we haven’t shared our lives together, grown up together, so there are still some walls around us, something I don’t have with my friends at home. Plus, some stuff just doesn’t come up in conversation on a daily basis, it goes unsaid then its too late, not relevant.

Living abroad means its difficult to connect with friends in the UK regularly. So, I speak to my best friends every day or every other day on the various apps I have on my phone and the other friends, I see whenever I am home, which fortunately is quite a few times a year. Most of the time when we meet up again, its as if I haven’t been away. I’m so lucky. Social media also helps us stay up to date with each others every day activities, which I love. I guess that’s another substitute for human interaction and communication though eh? None the less, I do manage to speak to friends, virtually, even though I’m not physically in their lives at this moment in time. Is that enough?

Well, clearly not, I’m still drawn to this blogging world. Like I said before, I read a lot of blogs. On these blogs I read comments from people who met each other through their blog. They call each other friends. Are they really? Are these real friendships? Virtual ones?
How can people be friends when they haven’t met? Its a little like internet dating, etc….you can tell someone anything you want, be anyone you want from the confines of your own room. Its easy, no-one is judging you for your actions, seeing your vulnerable side, your flaws. These things, I think are what make people friends.
I don’t think anything can substitute laughing in the company of friends, talking out your problems, relaxing with people you feel yourself around. Sometimes though, for me at least, the option to sit in my friends company and laugh/chat isn’t there, that’s where my blog comes in. I can get the stuff out…and they can still hear it. (As well as anyone else who decides to read this blog!!)

Hopefully I don’t get so attached to this virtual world that I start to neglect the real people/relationships in my life.

So Mark, have I been neglecting you already? I’m not sure I want to know the answer!! haha.


What are your thoughts on blogging?


6 thoughts on “Does my blog substitute real relationships?

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  2. Well put. I suffer from the same condition-I started blogging recently and I’m hooked to it. I easily spend hours on this site. But I can’t complain because there is so much to learn here! So much to say and so much to know in terms of what others have to say .
    I’m reading this book by Richard Bach(great read btw) and he speaks about how some of his closest friends are the ones he will never meet because they have read his thoughts through his books and relate to him in ways others can’t. I think blogging does that for us.Sometimes the best way you to express yourself is through writing and you meet fellow bloggers who understand just what you are trying to say 🙂
    It’s a beautiful world out here, don’t you think?

    • Kasturi, thank you once again for your comment.
      Its a funny old world this blogging one. I really enjoy blogging but have come to learn that its not friendships I’m making from doing what i’m doing, as my uncle sums it up below, I’m connecting with people, engaging with them. I always try to write interesting and thought provolking articles but some days I feel like no-one is there. Do you ever get that?
      I always wonder if anyone really cares….then someone I didnt think read my blog, comments to me about it, and I know there are a few out there reading! Then it kinda makes it worth it!


  3. It seems to me that the purpose of blogging is to disseminate information to the widest possible audience, especially in respect of ones own point of view. To be a successful blogger therefore, one must communicate interesting and thought provoking articles, which might have the effect of challenging entrenched points of view, such as capital punishment, the National Fronts right to exist within a democratic society, or even the war in Afghanistan. Of course blog subjects can be of a much lighter nature, weddings births and deaths for example, with accompanying photographs etc (not neccessary of a funeral , however there’s is no strict criteria). The idea is not much different to what Rupert Murdoch has been doing for many years, and that is having as many folks as possible reading what his organisation to print, even more so if they are willing to dip their hand in their pocket and pay for the privilege. Most certainly the purpose of blogging is not about winning friends, but is more to do with influencing people, especially if produced to an interesting standard.

    From what I have read on your own blog Louise, you are certainly on the right track to become an even more successful and well read blogger….Good for you!

    Have you checked out wee Hectors blog?

    • Thanks Ronnie for your comment, means a lot that you left some input here.
      I really enjoy blogging, it gives me something to do during the day, engages my brain, if you like, but some days I wonder if anyone really cares. I want to write interesting and thought provolking articles but never know how much work and time to put into it…
      I’m hoping to take a writing course after the summer so hopefully the blog will continue to improve.
      Thanks for your kind words, I’ll try to keep the standards up, though, not sure i’ll be writing anything on capital punishment, the national front or the war in afghanistan just yet…give me a few years! 🙂

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